Friday, August 23, 2013

A makeup-less life?

So, I'm a little late to the party, but I just read a post that Afrobella posted on her site about the reasons why women don't wear makeup.  One of the reasons she posted struck a cord with me, but not for the reasons I expected.  She claimed that for some wearing makeup "created expectations."  If people saw you wearing makeup, then they would expect you to look...well, made up all the time.  Immediately after reading this, an indignation rose up in my chest.  My mind screamed that's not true!  And more to the point, who cares what people think?  But as I began to write just that in the comment space below, I began to realize how true those sentiments really rang.  And more importantly, why I and so many others felt that way.

The irony thing about reading Afrobella's post was that I had literally just finished watching a video from Dutch Youtube beauty guru NikkieTutorials.  She posted a fabulous look inspired by Loki from the blockbuster movie The Avengers.  It was a shimmery, smoky arabesque look with gold eyeshadow on the moble lid, glitter in the tearduct and a bright green cut crease.  Baby, when I tell you Miss Hunny looked about 85 shades of fly, 62 ways and dope and 105 ways a fierce, believe me.  Her face was beaten to the gawhds!  Check it out for yourself and then come back to me.

So, what did i tell you?  Umm hmm...yes hunny.  But I digress.  (Puts drag queen voice away.)  I've been playing in makeup literally since I was five.  And over the past five years, due to copicous amounts of youtube video watching, I have honed my skills.  But makeup for me has never really been about trying to look prettier.  It was always more about creative expression.  I've always been on the quiet side, and makeup was a way for me to explain who I was without having to open my mouth.  As I have gotten older, I've come to realize that life isn't always so simple.  The privilege of pretty certainly exists and wearing makeup certainly enables one to participate in that privilege. 
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